Since its establishment the Kiwanuka Foundation has been supported by private persons, companies and organisations. This has made it possible to provide a better future for the girls of the Saint Cecilia School in Villa Maria in Uganda.

You can contribute to this in the following ways.


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A scholarship for secondary education of a child

The foundation yearly provides a scholarship to the most talented children of the school in order to continue their education after primary school. The foundation is looking for generous sponsors who are willing to take the responsibility to support a child by means of a monthly or a yearly contribution. The foundation offers the possibility to donate via a notarial deed which makes the contribution entirely tax deductible.

Form long-term support (Dutch)

Food for Villa Maria

Regularly Pauline Vluggen and René Verspeek organise in their house in Maastricht a so-called ‘table d'hôtes’. The participants are expected to pay a certain sum at minimum for a nice dinner. All contributions are entirely at the benefit of the Kiwanuka Foundation. We can also organise a dinner at your home - René will do …. and he will cook a nice meal so you and your guests will have a nice evening which will generate a financial contribution for Kiwanuka Foundation. You can apply or ask for more information at:


Every donation is welcome. Large or small, a single donation or periodic deposits all will be used for the goals the foundation has set.

Financial account

The foundation sends a yearly newsletter to all its generous donors. This newsletter contains the financial account with the overview of how the means were spent. The costs of the foundation are limited to a minimum. If e.g. the members of the foundation travel to Uganda, this will always be at their own expenses.


The Kiwanuka Foundation has been recognised as a so-called ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI)’. This means that your donation is entirely tax deductible, under the condition that you commit yourself by notarial deed to donate a certain sum for five years.

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